July 15, 2014

Egg Olympiad P1 - The Dawn of Time

In the beginning, there was one...

Deep within the beautiful ocean of Albia, about two dozen eggs are lined up, all in a row. It is said that they were placed there, frozen by the ancient Shee long ago, in an effort to preserve their species and await the day they can resurface once more. Nine of the twelve varieties are present; the ones that are missing are the Swirled World, the Blessed Chess, and the Wow Cow. From the remainder, there are plenty of norns to choose from, but only a select few will be allowed the breath of life.

Oh, the choices!
It is in her submarine that Ferral, goddess of the wild, ponders, wondering which eggs she should bring back first. She knew that her choice would have a profound impact on the entire future of her world. There could be no mistakes, now. The fate of Albia literally rests in her paws.

Using the time-tested method of eenie-meenie-miney-mo, Ferral utilizes her submarine claw to pick up a Fave Wave egg, hauling it back with some difficulty. She grimaces at the sound her machine makes, giving herself a mental note to repair the claw for future expeditions. Not that she was in any hurry; with a limited amount of natural resources by which to make gas to work the sub, she could only make such a journey every half an hour by earth time. Naturally, as a wilderness goddess, she knew how important ecological conservation was!

Ferral quickly resurfaces and run to the ancient incubator, somehow still intact after centuries of lack of use. She places the beautiful blue and white egg inside and the door automatically closes. After that, she steps back, waiting to see who -- or what -- comes out...


Like my concurrent Random Event Runthis run will have a "victory" and "defeat" condition. If this run ends in a victory, a pack of all the norns alive at the time of the achieved goal will be made and posted on Creatures Caves. If it ends in defeat, then all that will remain of it is a visual and verbal legacy...

VICTORY: The norns survive up until the first fifth-generation norn is hatched.

DEFEAT: The norns go extinct before the first fifth-generation norn is hatched.

Of course, I'll be keeping track of what generation each norn is to ensure the greatest possible accuracy for this run.

Because this is C2, there is also an "incomplete" condition, in which the game crashes irreparably before either condition can be met. This has happened to me only once before, but it is safe to warn you guys that it's always possible.


In an Egg Olympiad run, it only seems fitting to give everyone Greek names. This here is Cronus the Butterfly Norn, named after one of the most ancient of the gods and the master of time. Even though he's the only norn in the run so far, he's constantly asking questions and trying to push, pull, and eat everything in sight! Nothing is better than a happy norn.

Wait, did I say nothing is better than a happy norn? What about a happy norn that likes to learn? That's right. Cronus is completely in awe of the computer and is admiring it with a lot of interest. He kept an eye on it for quite some time, fascinated by the moving pictures in combination with the words. Though he didn't learn every word 100% accurately, it was nice to see him make progress in obtaining a full Albian vocabulary. A good quality in a god!

...Sadly, he seems to have succumbed to wallbonking syndrome a bit early in life. The young Cronus seems to think he can eat (himself?) by running into the stone wall enough times. Could this be potential foreshadowing to him swallowing a rock instead of his son? Only time will tell...

Hello, what's this? Due to a graphical glitch, Cronus seems to have been miraculously transported upstairs. Not only has he begun eating some mushrooms, but he caught the enchanted butterfly, triumphantly proclaiming "get Cronus." I can't help but find this extremely amusing, especially given just how happy he looks. Is he aware that this is butterflyception? That vacantly happy smile is throwing me for a loop, here. Either this norn is very good at playing dumb or he is, indeed, quite clueless as to the comical nature of this situation.

Meanwhile, deep underground, Oettinus Rex the Ettin and Ophion the Grendel -- named (punnily) after the king and the titan of before time respectively -- are hanging out as buddies in the volcano garden. Oettinus seems aware that there's some higher power at being here. Little does he know that said higher power is looking right at him from behind!

Will Ophion realize Oettinus isn't looking at him? Will Oettinus comprehend the meaning of the universe with his all-seeing eyes? Will Cronus learn to let go of the mini-him? Find out next time on the Egg Olympiad Run!

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