July 19, 2014

Egg Olympiad P3 - Twin Day Shenanigans

There are no duplicate norn breeds, I swear.

My prayers for at least one female in Albia has been answered by not one, but by two little girls!

Introducing Rhea, a little Pixie Norn whose name is Greek for the wife of Cronus and the titaness of fertility, motherhood, and the wild mountains. Here's hoping that she fulfills this prophecy just as much as she fulfilled my hopes. She limped a little when she first escaped her eggy shell, but she seems better now. There will be no "dwopping" today!

Joining her in our new duet is Styx, a Spike Norn whose name is Greek for the titaness of the underworld's river of souls. I couldn't help but pick that name for her because a) it's such an interesting name for a female norn and b) Spike Norns always looked like the cutest, fuzziest little demons and remind me of my own personal spin on said creature in the novel series I'm writing. It looks like little Styx is hungry and is following Rhea in search of something to eat!

These two pictures I'm putting together because I find it delightfully cute that our little girls are trying to do the same thing at the same time! Both Rhea and Styx are going after the purple doozers in search of a treat. Err, sorry ladies. I hate to break it to you, but they're not as edible as their brown cousins... it doesn't look like Rhea believes me, though. Oh well; hard to argue with such optimistic faces. Hopefully they'll notice the tomato plants and cheese soon!

After a moment of chuckling to myself over the silliness of norns, I figured I would go and check on Cronus, but instead I found dear little Oettinus all by himself. He leans forward as if about to fall on his hands and knees, eyeing the weather nostalgically. Cronus really isn't that far away from him and they still seem to get along well, so I doubt it's loneliness that's eating at this ettin's heart. Perhaps Oettinus is just missing his old pal Ophion the grendel, who had been tragically left behind after the ettin's abduction, or maybe he's reminiscing over the memory of the volcano garden he once called home. Whatever the case, Oettinus looks very picturesque gazing at this cloud with such a wistful expression and such muted colors in the sky and background....

Cut to about three minutes later, where we have yet another incident where two creatures are doing almost exactly the same thing at the same time. Both of them are "running" from the ants, although it looks like Oettinus is conquering his fear by picking it up and Cronus looks like he's about to squash the little twit. I mean, I'm glad Oettinus doesn't look so sad anymore, but honestly the first thing I thought of when I saw this was "it must be twin day!"

Meanwhile, the two ladies seem to be getting along just fine. They're both avid learners, hanging out by the learning machine almost constantly and now discovering just how edible tomatoes are. But kids will be kids, and Rhea and Styx both seem to adore the red bouncy ball. An Albian staple!

I've also noticed a few personality differences between the two of them: while Rhea is quiet and shows an angry expression more readily than Styx, Styx is vocal and curious, constantly asking "what dis?" and "why?" The two also seem to like roughhousing all the time, slapping each other about over the silliest disputes. I was worried they'd start hating each other, but neither of them lost the happy smiles on their faces! They make an extremely cute duet... although they haven't had an adorable nap together, so I can't say that they're my friendship OTP in this run yet. Hopefully nothing can separate the two!


What the...?
How. How. How did that happen? One minute, the two girls are riding the elevator into the desert, and the next Rhea's abducted the thir seed dispenser and is chilling with ol' Ophion down in the swamp. I think the only logical explanation are those silly teleporting crystal balls. I left one in the desert, and one down here, since these two areas seem to be the most concentrated with norns in any of my C2 runs... it looks like poor Rhea's lonely without dear Styx around.

Styx looks even more upset! Unlike her friend Rhea, she isn't brave enough at the moment to make the plunge off the ledge and into the desert or onto the ocean bridge. I can't imagine how upset she must be feeling. This can't be her day.

...It looks like it's about to get worse, too.

Oh dear. As someone monitoring a feral run, I'm afraid there's nothing I can do for little Styxie. She has to suffer through the sickness and recover all on her own if she's to survive. I can only sit back and watch now...

Will Rhea and Styx be reunited? Will Styx recover from her sudden illness? Will Cronus and Oettinus ever win a bug-catching contest? Find out next time on the Egg Olympiad Run!

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