July 15, 2014

Random Run P1 - Norny Hodgepodge

Like a cluster of grapes...

Wulfin pants, laying down all eight eggs he found in his search in a big pile by the incubator. The god of shadows had retrieved them from far below the surface of Albia, where he long thought all the eggs had been destroyed by the eruption. Centuries ago, he would lurk in norns' shadows, watching their every move, and his mood would determine how he would treat them and the world upon which they walked.

The norn god's ear twitches as he looks upon the round, candy-colored objects. They just look so ridiculous, all bunched up in a pile, so close to the incubator and yet so far away. He wonders, if he took a deep breath and blew, could he send them rolling to the warm nest and rekindling the nornish race?

It looks like one of the eggs is already trying to escape via doozer-feet

As he moves in to touch the clutch, there's a cracking sound. Wulfin yelps, ducking into the nearest shadow, becoming invisible to the eyes of the creatures. He peers at the shaking eggs, now rolling around, looking even sillier than before with the outlines of norns just itching to come out. In spite of himself, Wulfin lets out a wry smile. Perhaps the time has come for him to resume the role he held long ago to spite Ferral and his Shee creators.

Faded in the darkness, Wulfin lurks, preparing to become the first norns' shadow...


Like my concurrent Egg Olympiad, this run will have a "victory" and "defeat" condition. If this run ends in a victory, a pack of all the norns alive at the time of the achieved goal will be made and posted on Creatures Caves. If it ends in defeat, then all that will remain of it is a visual and verbal legacy...

VICTORY: The norns survive 35 random events, spaced at 15-30 minute intervals.

DEFEAT: The norns go extinct before all 35 events can be completed.

Because this is C2, there is also an "incomplete" condition, in which the game crashes irreparably before either condition can be met. This has happened to me only once before, but it is safe to warn you guys that it's always possible.


Because this is a Random Event Feral Run, I decided that the naming scheme should be one that's completely random. All of the names will come from this random name generator set to the appropriate gender of the baby norn and encompassing all the categories listed on the page. I will include the name meanings to all new babies, of course, so as to give even the most exotic sounding names a shred of light! And, of course, the breeds were completely randomized as well out of my roster of 27.

Bam! In the span of about three seconds, Albia exploded into life with eight little baby norns divided evenly by gender. Within this picture, it's near impossible to differentiate who's who, so I'm going to give a little list below, from oldest to youngest:
  1. Chryseis, the female Desert Norn. Her name, from Greek mythology, means "daughter of the priestess." Kind of fitting, considering there's some kind of temple up in the desert!
  2. Liudvikas, the male Emerald Norn. His name, the Lithuanian form of Ludwig, means "famous warrior." Not bad at all.
  3. Dorian, the male Pixie Norn. His name is shared with the titular character of Oscar Wilde's novel, The Picture of Dorian Gray. Though I must say, he looks a lot cuter than his namesake!
  4. Vladimer, the male Wolfling Norn. His name, the Georgian form of Vladimir, means "to rule with greatness." Not too shabby for the alpha wolf of this run.
  5. Kristine, the female Midsummer Norn. Her name, the Scandinavian and German form of Christine, comes from an early female saint who, legend has it, was tortured by her pagan father. Maybe her fiery coat represents where her father went in the afterlife, according to myth?
  6. Brandy, the female Scorpio Norn. Her name comes from a type of alcoholic beverage described as "burnt wine." I suppose I would be frustrated, too, if my wine were burnt.
  7. Themis, the female Valentine Norn. Her name is Greek for "law of nature, divine law." I find this very amusing, because Valentine Norns are prolific breeders. The laws of nature, indeed!
  8. Damiaan, the male Vulcana Norn. His name, the Dutch form of Damian, means "to tame." Perhaps he can tame Brandy's rage over her burnt wine?
I still find it funny that I somehow managed to randomly roll all three of the original C2 breeds into the beginning of this run. Anyhow, I gave the little buggers a quarter of an hour to run around and cause havoc. This is where they are now, and what they're up to.

To the far right, we have our first moment of drama! As Dorian heads back from whence he came, Chryseis confesses that she has committed a dire "bibble." Distraught, Themis looks to Liudvikas for some kind of guidance, but he can only bow his head in light of the tragedy that has been described. Can their close-knit friendship of 15 minutes ever be rekindled?

Things are happier by the teleporter, where Brandy leans in to tell a little secret to her friend Kristine. It's impossible to see in this picture, but Kristine has just the biggest norny smile on her face! I guess her secret is a lot nicer than Chryseis's, ehh?

Meanwhile, Damiaan is expressing his bubbling, bored-looking desire to "push" Vladimer. He's been following our alpha wolf cub around like a bright red duckling for the past ten minutes. I think that bored look is just a cover; this boy's clearly got it mad for Vlad! It's like he just knows that this little white-gray ball of fuzz is going to turn into a fearsome predator one day. I'm sure that Damiaan can't wait for the day he can witness it with his own eyes.

Will Chryseis ever be re-accepted into her group? Will Brandy's and Kristine's friendship withstand the test of time? Will Damiaan ever get to push that Vlad? Find out next time on the Random Event Run!


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