July 16, 2014

Random Run P2 - Missing Valentines

Talk About a Pre-Emptive Strike...

We start our day off with another story about loneliness, starring a norn with a Greek name, who also grew up really fast...

After a lot of shenanigans with the lift and with half of the run's current norns running loose on the upper Albian shelf, poor Themis has wandered and has become hopelessly lost. Much like darling Cronus of our concurrent Egg Olympiad run, this heroine found herself a near-identical spot to proclaim just how "gaa" she is in the absence of other norns. But where Cronus's story ends happily (at the time of this writing, at least), Themis's becomes something of a Greek tragedy...


Wulfin can tell just by looking at this woman how many children she will have. Like, a lot. Valentine Norns are nothing to sneeze at when it comes to breeding, and the women especially can get pregnant almost immediately after laying an egg when a normal female norn takes some time to recover from the last one.

That almost makes things too easy in a feral run, now, doesn't it?

Random Event ID: Fatal Accident (-)


...And with a fall of the dice, Themis vanished from Albia's surface. Not dead, I promise -- merely... banished to my export folder. For all the Valentine Norn fans out there, don't worry: we may not have seen the last of her yet. There's always a chance she can be returned from beyond the bin to see her friends and conquer a changed Albia.

So far, though, the other norns don't seem to notice the absence.

It looks like little Liudvikas has big plans on pulling babs! Our teeny green warrior has been eager lately, as he rose to the upper shelf with a kindly Vladimer who showed him a patch of mushrooms. Luddy clearly ate his full and is now off to pursue his dream! But where does that leave Vladdy?

Luddy, you scoundrel! How could you leave poor Vladimer without his popping mushroom patch? Silly norns... no wonder our poor wolfy looks so down. He must be absolutely miserable without his nice bowl of mushroom surprise. Aww, cheer up, Vlad. At least you can console yourself with wondrous tunes from the mediabox.

What you're seeing right here is Brandy kicking Dorian (presumably for making some dumb boyish comment about her claws), and young Dorian's response is "mmm good." Err... you alright there, Dorian? I mean, I know that S&M Norns exist and all that jazz, but I'm pretty sure I didn't add those genes to my C2 yet. Maybe these two would make a cute couple, what with Brandy's excitable temper and Dorian's willingness to... uhh... "take it like a man."

It looks like our two fiery-coated norns, meanwhile, have begun to totally hang out! With Vladimer away from his constant strains of affection, Damiaan has instead realized his adoration for Kristine and has begun courting her with his manly charms. Pulling those big learning machines can't be easy work... though I must admit, Kristine doesn't look like she's the most impressed.

The following picture, in spite of the delighted norn smile, gives me a pang of woe:

Darling little Chryseis, innocent and happy, has no idea that just moments ago on the other side of the garden, her peer Themis was forcefully removed from the world she called home. It breaks my heart, knowing that she could have had a friend to fill her loneliness just like Cronus did... now I get another norn to fill the loner-of-the-run spot instead. It makes me just want to just yank them out of the computer screen and give them all a big, snuggly hug. I don't know. Do you guys ever get that feeling, or is it just me?

Will Kristine cave into Damiaan's macho advances? Will Vladimer ever forgive Liudvikas for demolishing his patch of mushrooms? Will Brandy and Dorian sort out their troubles and become a... ehh... "prosperous" couple? Find out on the next installment of the Random Event Feral Run!

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EDIT: Okay, it looks like one of those questions just got an early answer...

Playful norns make me so happy. Don't you agree?

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