July 16, 2014

Egg Olympiad P2 - The Quest for Friends

One is the loneliest number...

I had to admit, I was pumped to see that Cronus was making a long journey across the great shelf of upper Albia. It gave me proof that he wasn't stuck always thinking that "right" was the right way to go, which I have always worried about in norns ever since C3 came out. I'm not certain if C2 and C1 norns can be at birth the "directionless wanderers" that I so fear... but it makes me nervous anyway.

But somehow, at the end of his journey, Cronus just stopped, looked me right in the eye, and kept repeatedly proclaiming the following:

And when I say repeatedly, I mean nonstop. Unblinking, adamant, not caring for the shifting waves or buzzing bees or crawling ants nearby. This norn is desperate to communicate something. I can't say I know for certain, but I get the feeling that Cronus knows just how lonely he is... and perhaps he's looking to me, his creator, pleading for a friend. This is killing me inside, especially considering how I'm not allowed to do anything until the half-hour mark. I'm sorry, buddy! As the lord of time, maybe you can make it feel like time is passing by more quickly?

With a despondent, almost resigned frown, Cronus drops to his knees and quickly falls asleep right afterwards. Not even that could wipe the unhappiness off his face, though. It was almost painful to watch him, looking around afterwards, trying to push everything in sight, asking "what dis?" to no one.

It gets even more depressing.

The poor boy was trying to summon another creature to him, and he got nothing out of the alien abductor! It just grabbed him, picked him up for a second, and then spit him out as if little Cronus didn't matter. It's really painful, seeing how lonely this boy is: and he still has five minutes to go! Perhaps I should take a break from him before I get too depressed...

So, I went down to the volcano to take a cute picture of Oettinus and Ophion playing together. But then...

It looks like Cronus really is too determined for a friend to quit. Oettinus was minding his own business, eating a colorful red pepper, when the saucer swooped in and claimed him as its next victim. Poor Ophion just looked up sadly, watching on as his only companion was swept away to the wild blue yonder...

Aww! Cronus (sort of) bent down to Oettinus's eye-level as soon as our lovely little ettin was dropped. Poor Oettinus doesn't seem to have any idea what just happened, as he sends me this look of "...seriously?"

Fortunately, it looks like Cronus and Oettinus will become fast friends! Here you can witness them choreographing a dance move after two or three minutes of hectic wandering around the bridge and asking each other questions such as "what dat?" and "why?" It was very cute, and the boys tickled each other frequently. It seems as if our dear little Oettinus understands how lonely Cronus must have been all by himself in the great big world, and he's trying to make our dark blue Butterfly Norn feel welcome!

Okay. I promised myself I wouldn't take another photo of these two until next round, but then this happened:

They're napping together.

They're napping together.
  • They're
  • Napping
  • Together
I am legitimately at a loss for words for how cute this is. I seriously am. It's just... the picture says it all. I'm so excited that I managed to take a photo of this precious moment of interspecies friendship!


As Ferral watchs this from afar, she can't help but feel for Cronus and his plight. She, too, is the last Albian god -- or so she believes -- that has survived these centuries without norns to give them the recognition that would keep them alive. "Fear not much longer, little one," she murmurs, walking slowly to her refilled submarine. "I will make sure that you can have friends that extend to your own kind...."

Having made the necessary repairs to her compartment where she could keep the clutches, Ferral enters the submarine and dives down once again, this time intentionally searching for eggs. As she approaches the clutch again, the beautiful gray-white Mist Kiss eggs catch her eye. "I think I can grab up to three of them. I made sure to make extra room," she muses, extending the submarine claw. It carefully plucks two eggs, but crashes a moment later, leaving Ferral to grumble in annoyance. At least I got two. Now Albia won't be so empty...


Had I one more Mist Kiss egg, I would be able to hatch that one, too, but it would appear as though I don't. Oh well. Two more norns are better than none!

Will the next two norns include a female that could propagate more children in the future? Will Oettinus's and Cronus's new friendship hold after the invasion of two new rugrats? Will Ophion be left alone for the rest of his days? Find out next time on the Egg Olympiad Run!

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